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Five ways to encourage your child to do homework


Some children, especially after a busy day at school, may suffer from much unnecessary stress when they start thinking about doing homework. The best method for making homework a pleasurable experience for you and your child is turning it into a sort of game. What you need is, basically, a bit of motivation and positive attitude. Check out our tips for turning the tedious chore into fun.

1. A good warm-up – Start the work with some dancing, a few jumps or even a game of tag. Physical activity stimulates the brain and reduces school-related stress.

2. Create a friendly space – A special place for doing homework has positive impact on your child's ability to stay focused. The place should reflect your child's personality and be an exhibition space for completed tasks – drawings, cut-outs, etc. Kids love itwhen their works are properly displayed and admired.

3. Reward your child for a well-done job – When you create a reward system, your child's involvement increases. Make an effort of finding out what the best incentive is – ice cream, going to the cinema, or extra time for watching cartoons? Create a homework board. When a task is completed, place a sticker on the board to indicate that the child becomes eligible for choosing a reward.

4. Provide some healthy snacks – A little something to eat will certainly add some positive attitude to doing homework. How about you get artistic when preparing a fruit snack? Maybe you could create a smiling face or funny shapes?

5. Handling task together – Inviting your kid's schoolmates to do homework together is a good idea. Once they have finished, they will be able to play some games – and this is probably the best reward for their hard work.


Creativity is the key! But how can you develop it?

Creativity goes beyond artistic or visual talents. By playing creative games, children learn how to express themselves and their emotions. Parents can do many things to develop their child's creative nature. Colouring a blank page, playing with building blocks, playing a drum set composed of pots and a spoon – these are some of the simplest ideas. Below we suggest five activities to stimulate your child's creativity at home:

1. Creative games enhance social and emotional development – Ask your child to draw something or tell a story, or describe how she/he feels. Activities of this type make your child more open to expressing emotions in an unrestrained way.

2. Develop analytical skills – Teach your child some maths and problem-solving skills by playing blocks.

3. Turn on the music! – Music is a great practice of motor skills – a creative dance or playing an instrument is a great way to develop creativity.

4. Go outside! – Changing the surrounding and spending time outdoors are known to stimulate children's creativity. Go for a walk or a bicycle ride and discuss colours, smells and sounds that surround you. Perhaps you will also notice something special that you have never really been aware of.

5. Prepare a special clothes box – Fill it up with hats, ties, coats, shoes, and dresses. Your child will definitely enjoy the role playing game based on imagination. It is actually a way of facilitating the acquisition of some crucial social and communication skills.

Doing creative activities with your children will teach them to perceive the world as a place of 

infinite potential and adventure. Remember that freedom, approval and encouragement are the best stimuli for creativity and imagination.

The Little Gym Szczecin starts the 2016/2017 season

Did your children have a good time during summer holidays? There is no reason why all the fun should stop just because the school starts again.

The Little Gym Szczecin re-launches regular classes in the 2016/2017 season offering the hugely successful gymnastics-based fitness programme for children up to the age of 12. We provide a range of sports classes, run by a cheerful team of competent and highly energetic instructors who will help your child develop on a number of levels.

What we want to accomplish is to help your son or daughter become fitter, more self-confident and more creative, whilst having tonnes of fun. All of this happens in the friendly and safe atmosphere of our colourful gym in Koralowa Street, Szczecin, where everyone is welcome – except for stress and rivalry.

Come to our gym and have a chat with us about the things we can do to help your child realise his or her potential. Better still – give us a call to arrange a free introductory class! Why should your child miss out on all the fun other kids are having?

+48 664 06 04 02

Build up your child’s grit with The Little Gym Szczecin

Parenthood used to be all about nurturing your child’s talents. And, of course, there is no parent in the world who would not describe his or her child as somehow gifted. Not only does it fill us with the sense of pride, but also makes us confident that our daughter or son will grow up to be a successful adult who might, perhaps, accomplish something important.

The problem is that an increasing number of scientific studies show that there is no significant correlation between talent and success in adult life.

In her recently published book, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, a renowned American psychologist Angela Duckworth points to a single character trait that is a much better indicator of a child’s future success. It is grit, which is a combination of passion, resilience, determination, and focus that allows a person to maintain the discipline and optimism to persevere in their goals.

Why The Little Gym Szczecin is a good place to develop grit?

It is because, even before that buzzword gained popularity, the very same concept had been part of the The Little Gym philosophy. The playful gymnastics activities we organize for children are designed to boost their self-confidence and resilience, but also to help them understand that a failure is okay – provided that you try again. Our enthusiastic and committed instructors will always be there for your child – motivating and tutoring until your child builds up the determination to accomplish his or her goal. At The Little Gym Szczecin we do not just make kids fitter – we give them tools to be successful as teenagers and adults.

Please visit our The Little Gym in Szczecin in Koralowa Street and see what we can do to install some grit in your child.

Changing your child’s dietary habits – do’s, don’ts, and the The Little Gym approach

Children can be unbelievably stubborn when they refuse to try new tastes. They could not care less about nutritional value of a new fruit and they certainly have zero sympathy for their poor parents who have just wasted hours trying to cook something special. “No” means “no”, and that does it! No, I’m not going to touch broccoli, or the salad, or this brownish meat thing, now how about you bring me some fish fingers and fries?

It is the kind of obstinacy that can drive parents mad. And when they get mad, they may resort to solutions that do more harm than good. The wrong approaches may include: blackmail, bribery, leveraging competiveness, or – in the worst case scenario – exhibiting anger. Arguably all of these may seem to work short-term. However their basic drawback is that they all involve using negative emotions.

How The Little Gym can be of help

TLG instructors are not just providers of physical activity and entertainment. They also do their best to promote healthy lifestyle among children, including a balanced diet. Our approach to influencing children to try new foods is consistent with our general method. You should start with small portions, cherish successes, and turn every meal into a fun activity, rather than a chore. The most important things are persistence and creating a positive and safe environment for your child. Only then will he or she dare leave the safety zone and try to do something daring – like eat a bit of broccoli.

The Little Gym Szczecin is a great place to expose your child to a balanced diet. Adjacent to our gym there is a cafeteria offering a range of salads, healthy snacks, and fruit cocktails. You are welcome to observe your child having a great time through a large window, whilst you enjoy a cup of freshly-brewed organic coffee.